Browar Artezan

Visual identity
Client: Browar Artezan
Year: 2012, 2013
Services: Visual Strategy, Package Identity

In cooperation with the brewery, we created graphic designs for their Pacific, WIT and Artezan IPA beers. Artezan Brewery is the first Polish commercial brewery created from scratch by enthusiasts from Polskie Stowarzyszenie Piwowarów Domowych (Polish Homebrewers Association). Thanks to its unique quality, Artezan Brewery has gained a considerable amount of fans – and we’re among them.

Discovery and visual strategy

Main message:

The beers made by Artezan Brewery, meet high quality standards, have good drinkability and unique tastes. Their brand image is based on evoking positive connotations, relating to a pleasant ambiance, fun and having a good time with friends.

Main challenge:

  • To refer to the main brand message through the visualization of its features and the nature of the beer
  • To highlight the brewery above its competitors
  • To avoid elements characteristic of beer labels (ears of grain, mash tun, etc.)

Creative idea and execution


Pacific – A light, pleasantly bitter beer with aromas of hops growing on both sides of the Pacific Ocean

  • A style inspired by old American posters advertising Pacific vacations (Hawaiian paradise)
  • Leading themes: fun, beach, palm trees, surfing
  • Message: postcard from Hawaii in the middle of winter (the beer was launched in the winter)

WIT – A light, very refreshing wheat beer, perfect for hot summer days

  • Style, soft colors and leading themes (glider, clouds) refer to lightness and refreshment.
  • Gliding emphasizes the challenge facing brewers who brew wheat beers (it is considered to be one of the most challenging style of brewing)

Artezan IPA – The flagship for a revolution in craft brewing. A distinct beer with a strong bitter taste and the unique aroma of new-wave hops

  • Leading theme: classic American cars for the classic American beer
  • The style and strong color scheme emphasize the distinct character of the beer
  • People in the entertainment center of a big metropolis refers to the message of "having fun time with friends"
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