BR Design

Visual identity
Client: BR Design
Year: 2012
Services: Visual Strategy, Corporate Identity

Comprehensive corporate visual identification for Br-Design interactive agency. The visual strategy for the brand is based on presenting Br-Design as a modern, yet stable company, strongly identifying with two places where the company operates – Gdańsk and London, with their rich culture and history.


Discovery and visual strategy

Main challenge:

To create a modern and comprehensive corporate visual identity for the advertising agency, strongly identifying it with both the city where it was established and its branch abroad. To connect the long-lasting culture of Gdańsk and London with one common sign, characteristic of both cities.

Main message:

  • A strong, modern company
  • A stable, trustworthy partner on Polish and foreign markets
  • Many years of experience
  • A company attached to the place where it was established, yet operating on a global scale

Creative idea and execution

  • The strong and distinct character of the sign supports the professional image of the company
  • A symbol carrying the universal message links the histories of Gdańsk and London
  • Thanks to modern typography and a memorable color-code the company stands out amongst the competition
  • Historical figures communicate a commitment to the history and cultural heritage of Gdańsk and London
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