Visual identity
Client: Dr. Sapporo
Year: 2014
Services: Visual Strategy, Art Direction, Package Identity

Comprehensive creation of Bonito Duo product, all the way from creating the sign and visual identity to the packaging and display materials.Bunito Duo is a revolutionary device designed by Bunion Joy to treat bunions.


Analiza i strategia wizualna

Main message:

Designed to make a woman happy.
The brand’s aim is to care about women’s well-being and to the break stereotypes that bunions are embarrassing and forbidden subject. This well-designed device will help achieve these aims, and to become a fashion accessory fitting a woman’s style.

Main challenge:

  • To change the perception of the product from medical/rehabilitation to gentle and feminine
  • To present the product as trendy, comfortable, user-friendly and innovative
  • To show the product (used to treat the condition which is still regarded as embarrassing) in a visually attractive and easy way

Creative idea and execution

  • Using rose petals to emphasize comfort in use and to refer to sensitivity and femininity
  • Colors strongly emphasize the feminine character of the product
  • Minimalism and the right selection of materials and printing techniques enable us to highlight the product above its competitors and to emphasize its high quality
  • Referring to the most feminine, i.e. high-heeled shoes, we emphasized the fine design of the product, fitting and complementing the client’s style
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