Praha 993

Visual identity for craft brewery
Client: Gold of Prague
Agency: Striker
Year: 2016
Services: Visual Strategy, Visual Identity, Package Identity

The bold idea of taking the Czech brewery tradition to the distant land of South Korea was initiated because Praha 993 believes in combining the richness of Czech beer with sincerity of Korean culture. This all, resulting in creating a premium Czech craft beer brewed in South Korea.
We were responsible for art direction and comprehensive visual identity, including, logo, label, product and brand communication materials.


Client: Gold of Prague

Agency: Striker

Branding Studio: Fuse Collective


Creative Director: Lubos Buracinsky

Brand strategy: Lubos Buracinsky

Account Manager: Eva Cao Thi

Fuse Collective

Creative Director: Adrian Knopik

Visual Design: Adrian Knopik

Browar Harpagan - identity